How The Health Benefits Of Ginger And 5 Other Immune Boosting Ingredients Can Help You Feel Better Faster

  Earlier this year I wish I understood the true health benefits of ginger and other immune boosting foods. Had I known I probably wouldn’t have started work on a television pilot feeling lousy. I had all the classic symptoms of a cold – lethargy, scratchy throat, congestion and a cough. Had I been a… Read More

50 CT. Plastic Shot Glass, 1 oz. Clear

See larger image Additional Images: 50 Count Plastic Shot Glass, 1 oz., Clear Features: Each cup contains 1 oz., Each glass holds 1 oz., Beautifully Round Shaped, Perfect for Parties, Dinners, and General events, Made of clear rigid plastic Impress your guests while you serve them with the excellence they deserve. These disposable clear 1… Read More

Getting Started In Craft Services Pt. 4: Equipment

In part 1 of this series I gave you an overview of what craft services is, in part 2 I covered qualifications, and in part 3 I explained the differences between being a craft service specialist versus a generalist. Now in part 4, I’ve created a video showing you the craft service equipment needed for a… Read More