Chef Jose Andres Helps Feed Thousands As Part Of Chefs For Puerto Rico Campaign

Puerto Rico

From all accounts, the residents of Puerto Rico continue to suffer following the devastating hurricane Maria that hit the island on September 20th. Many have lost their homes and everything they own.

To make matters worse, food and water shortages coupled with the loss of electricity poses an alarming health risk to many of the island’s residents.

Today I highlight a story about what one chef and his team have coordinated in an effort to bring comfort to those in distress.

Celebrity chef Jose Andres, best known for his restaurants Jaleo, Minibar, and Zaytinya is working alongside local Puerto Rican chefs to feed more than 5,000 Puerto Ricans per day in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

Dubbed “Operation #ChefsForPuertoRico” the campaign seeks to draw attention and resources to the plight of the island’s 3.4 million residents, most of whom are citizens of the United States and remain without water, electricity, or food, according to the Pentagon.

In addition to wiping out power to the entire island and disabling 90 percent of cell phone towers, the storm also decimated Puerto Rico’s food systems. Celebrity chef Jose Andres Is Feeding More Than 5,000 Victims of Hurricane Maria.

If you would like to contribute or help, go to World Central Kitchen for details.


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