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After last month’s successful launch of my all new CraftySnax Craft Service website, I’m proud to announce the start of my weekly series, “Getting Started In Craft Services.”

The series, which kicks off Monday, April 17, will focus on everything you need to know to start your craft services career.

Here’s a sampling of the topics I’ll cover:

Craft Services History: Find out when and where craft services began, how craft services has changed over the years, and how craft services differs from on-set catering.

Qualifications: What kind of education or experience is needed to become a craft services provider.

Where The Jobs Are: Discover how to find craft service jobs, who hires you, interviewing, and how to keep the jobs coming.

Who The Players Are: Learn all about the different positions on a production and how to service them.

Craft Services Salary: I’ll discuss salary differences between union and non-union craft service positions and how to negotiate the best salary.

The Craft Service Setup: The best way to set up the craft service station for easy access.

Production Set Terminology: Learn what it means when you hear things like, “The Abbey is up” or “It’s the martini”.

If you’re just starting out in the food service or looking to expand your existing operation this series on how to get started in craft services is the guidance you need.



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