Craft Service Snack Idea: 16 Tasty Snacks That Won’t Break The Craft Service Budget

Craft service budget

Not all craft service budgets are created equal. The budget for a blockbuster “anything goes” Hollywood movie will be larger than the small independent film which will be greater than the craft service budget for a college thesis production.

Whatever your craft service budget, the 16 snack ideas listed in this post will not break the budget. These snacks are quick, cheap, tasty, and suitable for any craft service table.

Budget Snack idea #1 – Soup

Craft service budget

This may be a seasonal snack but it’s alway a hit on any set. Rent or buy an electric soup kettle and fill it with homemade or store-bought cans of soup. Stick a ladle in it and let the cast and crew have at it. Place a bowl of oyster crackers next to the kettle as an added treat.

Budget Snack idea #2 – Deli Platter

Craft service budget

You can handle this a couple of ways. First you can have a full platter with meat, cheese, pickles, and olives, etc. Or you can simply buy an assortment of deli meats, roll the slices, and place on a tray. Either way, make sure all the components to make a quick sandwich are available for the cast and crew.

Budget Snack Idea #3 – Caprese Salad

Craft service budget

This is so easy and so delicious. Buy a block of mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, fresh basil, and a bottle of balsamic vinegar. Slice the cheese and tomatoes then layer one on top of the other, top with a fresh basil leaf. Repeat until the platter is full then drizzle with the balsamic vinegar. Easy peasy!

Budget Snack Idea #4 – Chicken Salad

Big box stores like Costco and BJ’s sell large tubs of chicken salad that are economically priced. Buy one or two and transfer to a bowl. Place the bowl in the center of a tray then surround it with halved croissants for a tasty mid day treat.

Budget Snack Idea #5 – Bulk Snacks

Craft service budget

It’s much more economical to buy snacks like potato chips, popcorn, pretzels, and nuts by the bulk instead of buying them individually packaged. Empty these snacks into large bowls and provide small cups or snack bags for the cast and crew to mix and match.

Budget Snack Idea #6 – Bruschetta on Baguette

Craft service budget

Make your own or buy a jar from one of the big box stores. My favorite is made by Hannah which is sold at Costco. Cut a French baguette into ½ slices, top with a spreadable cheese, then add a spoonful of bruschetta. They won’t stay on the craft service table long.

Budget Snack Idea #7 – Basket of Fresh Seasonal Fruit

Craft service budget

Pre-cut fruit bowls may be attractive they don’t stretch the budget. Instead buy a variety of fresh seasonal fruit and create a fruit basket. Alternatively, you can provide several baskets with each dedicated to a single fruit variety… All apples, bananas, grapes, etc.

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Budget Snack Idea #8 – Pinwheel Sandwiches

These are so easy to make and your choice of filling is endless. You can make pinwheel sandwiches for carnivores and vegetarians. All you need is some Lavash flatbread or 10 inch flour tortillas and your choice of filling. If you’re using meat and cheese, spread the bread with mustard or mayo then top with meat, cheese, and lettuce. Roll tightly then cut. If you’re using a spread like hummus, spread the hummus on the bread followed by desired toppings. Roll and cut.

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Budget Snack Idea #9 – Hard Boiled Eggs

Craft service budget

Now really people. If you can’t prepare this snack, I don’t know what to tell you! Boil a pot of water, add eggs, lower heat and cook for approximately 12 minutes. Drain water and run cold water over the eggs. When egg-shell is cool, peel and serve.

Budget Snack Idea #10 – Nut Butter Sandwiches

Craft service budget

P, B, & J sandwiches are a craft service table staple because every craft service budget can handle it. Why not add other nut butters to the mix? Try almond, cashew, and sunflower butters as well as a variety of jelly and jams like strawberry and apricot preserves.

Budget Snack Idea #11 – Sloppy Joe’s

Craft service budget

Here’s where an electric soup kettle can be put to use for something other than soup. This recipe requires a little bit of cooking but well worth it. Buy a couple of packages of ground beef or turkey, brown in frying pan, then mix in a can of pre made sloppy joe sauce. Refrigerate overnight. The next day on set, put in your soup kettle and warm until hot. The aroma will have the cast and crew charging to your craft service table!

Budget Snack Idea #12 – Chickpea Salad

Another easy one. Open a couple of cans of low sodium garbanzo beans and rinse. Dice fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. Mix together then add Italian dressing. Serve in clear plastic cups.

Budget Snack Idea #13 – Strawberry Salad

Craft service budget

Quarter the strawberries then combine with sliced almonds, goat or feta cheese, chopped basil leaves, olive oil and vinegar. So simple, so delicious. Serve in clear plastic cups. This snack idea will barely put a dent in the craft service budget.

Budget Snack Idea #14 – Spinach Dip with Shrimp

Craft service budget

I use Hannah Spinach Dip with fresh vegetables on sets all the time and everyone love it. Here’s a twist: buy a shrimp platter, cut the shrimp into pieces and mix into the spinach dip. Spread the spinach-shrimp dip onto slices of French baguette. Just be sure to create a label warning folks that the dip contains shellfish.

Budget Snack Idea # 15 – Greek Salad Stuffed Pita

Craft service budget

Greek salads are very easy to make. All you need to do is combine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, kalamata olives, and feta cheese in a bowl. Pour in homemade or store-bought Greek dressing and mix well. Place the bowl in the middle of a platter and surround with mini pita pockets.

Budget Snack Idea #16 – Tabbouleh with Shrimp, Tomato, & Feta

Buy a couple of containers of tabbouleh, a small shrimp platter, and crumbled feta cheese. Chop the shrimp and mix with the tabbouleh then sprinkle crumbled feta cheese on top. Another quick and delicious snack idea that’s easy on the craft service budget.

There you have it! 16 Great Snacks For Your Craft Service Budget

16 snack ideas that are easy to make, taste great, and most of all won’t break the craft service budget.

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What other cost-effective craft service snack ideas do you have? Share in the comment section.


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