Ultimate guide

Think you can’t provide craft service to two or more productions at the same time?

You can! With a craft service drop-off operation you can be the full time attendant on one set while your additional craft service kit(s) and prepared snacks are delivered to other sets and manned by the production’s own PA.

However, as you may know, this type of operation may be much easier said than done because of the uncertainty it evokes… How much should I charge? What should I include in the kit rental agreement? Where do I find customers and how do I reach them?

I used to have these same questions too and, unfortunately, I didn’t have a resource like The Ultimate Guide To Kickass Drop-Off Service to turn to for answers. I had to figure it out through trial and error.

Believe me, I truly understand the challenges you face and that’s why I created this guide. It’s for those providers who seriously want to launch and operate a drop off service without the hassle of trying to figure it out on their own.

Take a look at some of the topics covered:

✔ A definition of what drop off service is

✔ Tips on how to define your target market

✔ A sample email sales letter you can use to drum up interest in your service

✔ Suggestions on what to include in a kit rental agreement 

✔ How to keep track of your equipment 

✔ Recommendation on what to charge for your service

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