Plan Your Craft Service Menu Before You Shop

Craft service menu

Once you know what you’re doing, planning your craft service menu is pretty simple.

Here’s an easy guideline to follow.

Divide the workday into manageable blocks of time: All Day, Morning, Mid-Morning, Afternoon, and Late Afternoon. This way you’ll know exactly what types of craft service snacks should be on the craft service table at any given time.

All Day Snacks

These are the snack foods on your craft service menu that will be available on the craft service table throughout the workday. These snacks include, but are not limited to, fresh fruit, dried fruit, assorted breads, nut butters, jelly/jam, mints, and gum.

Morning Snacks

During this time period your craft service menu choices should include snacks like muffins, croissants, bagels, cream cheese, cold cereal, granola and breakfast bars. Again, not an exhaustive list but a general idea of what you might have on the craft service table.

Mid-Morning Snacks

This is a great time to add assorted finger sandwiches, veggie platter with dip, assorted nuts, smoothies, and yogurt to the craft service menu.

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Afternoon Snacks For Your Craft Service Menu

This is the period after lunch has been served by the caterer. It’s a good time to stock the craft service table with sweet treats like dark chocolate, cookies, cake, cupcakes, banana bread, and pie.

Late Afternoon

Break out the salsa, hummus, guacamole and chips. It’s also an ideal time to add to the craft service menu a cheese and cracker platter as well as an assortment of hot appetizers.

By following this general idea of menu planning you’ll:

– Stay on budget

– Resist impulse buying of unnecessary snacks

– Reduce the number of trips to the grocer

– Ensure you are serving an assortment of healthy snacks throughout the day

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Finally, keep tabs of the snacks you run out of so that you know what to buy on your next shopping trip. Knowing what’s in your inventory is an important aspect of craft service menu planning.


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