These are some of my favorite tools, supplies, and equipment you may want to buy to build your first craft service kit or to add to your existing kit. The more items in your kit, the more organized and professional you will look.

Also, the more craft service equipment you own, the more you may be able to charge in kit rental fees.

Even if you’re not building or adding to a craft service kit, check out the listings on this page because some of the items like the PicnicPal and Snack Dispenser are just cool to own!


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Basic Craft Service Kit

Craft Service Cart

There are plenty or craft service carts to choose from but I recommend buying one that has a reputation for sturdiness like the Safco Impromptu Refreshment Hospitality Cart. It’s made of steel and polycarbonate construction and scores 4.5 out 5 stars from users. AVAILABLE AT AMAZON

Craft Service Wagon

My collapsible wagon in indispensable! I use it to carry everything from cases of water to hot boxes of joe to set. AVAILABLE AT AMAZON

Craft Service Table

The resin folding tables I use are a tad heavy (for me) but they are extremely durable. You can find light weight folding tables but they may not be as sturdy. AVAILABLE AT AMAZON

Coolers With Wheels

You can really pack lots of food or beverages in the Igloo 60-Quart roller. I used to own one until someone absconded from a set in a warehouse! Received 4.5 out of 5 stars from users. AVAILABLE AT AMAZON

The Coleman 100 Quart is also a very good choice. AVAILABLE AT AMAZON

Coffee Brewer

I have used both the traditional 40 – 60 cup coffee brewers as well as the popular single serve brewer Keurig. They each have their advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of the Keurig type brewer’s is that you can buy a variety of coffees for the cast and crew to choose from. The disadvantages are that you have to constantly fill the water reservoir and the machine itself is not durable. On the other hand, the advantages of a traditional brewer is that it’s good for 40 – 60 cups before you have to fill it and it’s more durable for craft service use. The disadvantage is that everyone drinks the same type of coffee, no independent flavor choice. As of this writing my preference is the traditional brewer. AVAILABLE AT AMAZON

Toaster Oven

A toaster oven serves two purposes… Making toast and cooking appetizers like mini bagel pizza, chicken nuggets, and mini tacos for the cast and crew. AVAILABLE AT AMAZON

Serving Bowls

Use serving bowls snacks like potato chips, pretzels, and popcorn. You can also fill with ice and put yogurt and string cheese in them. AVAILABLE AT AMAZON

Utensil Caddy

A compartmentalized utensil caddy can be used for more than utensils. They’re a great way to store and display granola, protein, and breakfast bars too! AVAILABLE AT AMAZON

Kit Identifier

A lot of supplies and equipment gets moved around a production set. Label your kit items so they don’t get confused with someone else’s. Also, great when you provide drop-off service. AVAILABLE AT AMAZON


Craft Service Kit Add-Ons

Coffee Station Organizer

If you want to really make things easier for cast and crew as well as keeping the craft service table tidy check out the Mind Reader ‘Pioneer’ Breakroom Organizer 11 Compartment Condiment Holder. AVAILABLE AT AMAZON

Smoothie Blender

Give your cast and crew an energy boost with a fruit and vegetable smoothie. A dedicated smoothie blender makes it easy to do.  AVAILABLE AT AMAZON

Soup Kettle

There’s nothing like a hot cup of soup or chili on a blustery winter day. Check out the Excellanté 10.5 Quart Stainless Steel Soup Warmer. It has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating from users. AVAILABLE AT AMAZON

Snack Dispenser

A snack dispenser keeps mucky work hands from digging into a bowl of loose snacks and possibly spreading contamination. AVAILABLE AT AMAZON

Pop Up Canopy Mesh(screen) Walls 

Whether you own or rent a pop up canopy, having a set of mesh walls is invaluable. The screen walls will not only keep insects away from snacks but also deters passersby who might be tempted to help themselves! AVAILABLE AT AMAZON

Food and Equipment Storage

Storage bins are great for food, equipment, and supplies. Be sure to choose one that is durable enough to last through frequent use. AVAILABLE AT AMAZON


Food Safety

Food Tent

Protecting you snack food from unwanted insects like flies is of utmost importance. There’s no better way than the use of food tents. Please check out the mother of all food tents, the Picnic Pal. AVAILABLE AT AMAZON

Insulated Food Carriers

When you need to keep food warm or cold, thermal carriers are the way to go. You can choose to use a durable plastic carrier like this one from Cambro or a nylon type from Rediheat. AVAILABLE AT AMAZON

Shrink Wrap

Protect fresh fruit and bread baskets while in transit with shrink wrap. Can be used with a hand-held hair dryer. AVAILABLE AT AMAZON