The Best Kind Of Snacks For The Craft Service Table


Everyone who works in craft services will have a different opinion on this. Here’s mine. I like to serve my cast and crew snacks that meet the following criteria:

  1. They can be made easily on set
  2. They can be eaten quickly
  3. They can be held in the hand

The reason for this is because production crews work hard. From the start of the workday until the end, they are on the move. They build sets, move cameras, hang lights, erect blocking screens, and a whole lot more. Therefore, they simply don’t have time to eat foods that require a plate, fork, and knife until lunchtime.

I know from experience some producers don’t see things as I do. They feel craft services should provide trays of hot food like pasta but I can’t wrap my head around a grip trying to hang scaffolding while holding a plate of spaghetti.

If a craft service snack can be consumed in one bite, that’s all the better. A crew member can pass the craft service table, grab a snack, pop it in their mouth and keep it moving.

These one-bite craft service snacks don’t have to be pre-packaged goods like cookies and candy… although they could be. I’m talking about preparing snacks made from healthier ingredients. It doesn’t take much time to spread a spoonful of tuna salad on a cracker or a dollop of bruschetta on a piece of toasted baguette.

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For something more hearty, you can make sandwiches, wraps, or stuffed pitas. These will provide the crew with enough sustenance to make it until catering provides lunch and are easy to make.

You should also consider the impact your craft service snack ideas will have on the set. You don’t want crews dripping barbecue sauce from their Buffalo wings on the sofa that’s going to be in the next scene. Nor do you want cast members getting marinara sauce from a meatball sub all over the white shirt they just got from wardrobe.

Boneless chicken without sauce and meatballs with toothpicks are better alternatives.

A little common sense when it comes to your snack selection will go a long way. Just keep my three criteria in mind as you plan your craft service menu and you’ll do just fine.

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