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We wrapped on the pilot and episode 2 of William Demeo’s “The Neighborhood” around 4 am this morning!  It’s been a long and arduous 4 weeks from a craft service perspective. 

Crew size was about 65. However, this is a period piece so on any given day, there was an additional 10+ period car owners and up to 70 background actors to feed.

For more information on “The Neighborhood” click here.

I was provided with an assistant on some of the larger background days but for the majority of the shoot it was just me! While I pulled it off, I don’t recommend doing a craft service job alone because there’s simply too many moving parts to keep up with… food shopping, setting up, replenishing coolers, buying ice, breaking down, etc.

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I don’t know if this project will be picked up by a network but I hope so. It was a pleasure to be a part of it. Meanwhile, check back for my upcoming posts on some of the most successful and popular craft service snacks I served cast and crew.

I’ll also let you know which snack idea was William Demeo’s favorite!

For now…

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