Is Your Craft Service Ready For The Spring Production Season?

Spring is a good time to take stock of your craft service. Is your equipment as clean as it could be? Or, do you provide craft service from a food truck? If so, it may be time to give your mobile kitchen a complete scrub down, an oil change or tune up. How about your… Read More

Is Your Craft Service’s Customer Service On Target?

Craft service is as much about customer service as it is food service. They go hand in hand. You can have the greatest snack food in the world but if you’re not treating your customers right you won’t have anyone to serve the food to. Taking good care of your customers, i.e. cast and crew,… Read More

Craft Service Snack Idea: 16 Tasty Snacks That Won’t Break The Craft Service Budget

Not all craft service budgets are created equal. The budget for a blockbuster “anything goes” Hollywood movie will be larger than the small independent film which will be greater than the craft service budget for a college thesis production. Whatever your craft service budget, the 16 snack ideas listed in this post will not break… Read More