10 Inspirational Cooking Lessons From Celebrity Chef Alex Guarnaschelli

Alex Guarnaschelli

I’m a big fan of Chef Alex Guarnaschelli. Whenever I’m channel surfing and come across a program that she’s on, I stop and watch. She’s always preparing a mouth-watering looking dish that makes me wish I was part of the studio audience if only for a whiff!

Chef Alex is the executive chef at Butter restaurant here in NYC. I’ve never been but hope to get there one day. Meanwhile, I’ve put together a few of her words of wisdom that will inspire you every time you step into the kitchen to prepare a meal.

Lesson 1 – Be Prepared

“It’s essential to make sure you have proper kitchen tools for food storage – like cling wrap, bags, and containers – because they help keep food fresher longer.”

Lesson 2 – Have Patience

“Give yourself enough time to really learn how to cook.”

Lesson 3 – Choose Good Ingredients 

“The better the ingredients, the more farmers I can buy from, the closer I feel to the food I want to make that represents what I care about as a chef.”

Lesson 4 – Fresh Is Best

“Fresh herbs really belong anywhere you can put them.”

Lesson 5 – Practice Self Control

“You have to be disciplined about being in the kitchen.”

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Chef Alex quotes

Lesson 6 – Time Is Of The Essence

“Repeatedly opening the oven – or worse, taking out the turkey to baste it – slows down the momentum of cooking.”

Lesson 7 – Keep Hot Foods Hot, Cold Foods Cold

“Scrambled eggs are so simple, but they don’t wait or taste better cold.”

Lesson 8 – Be Fearless

“A splash of red wine vinegar can pull things together like a pinch of salt.”

Lesson 9 – It’s All About Flavor

“For me no good food is illuminated without acidity.”

Lesson 10 – You Are What You Eat

“Food is so heavily connected to memory.”

Whether you’re a craft service provider, caterer, food truck owner, or a home cook use chef Alex Guarnaschelli’s ten lessons to inspire the next meal you cook for yourself, family, and friends.

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