How The Health Benefits Of Ginger And 5 Other Immune Boosting Ingredients Can Help You Feel Better Faster

Benefits of ginger


Benefits of ginger

Earlier this year I wish I understood the true health benefits of ginger and other immune boosting foods. Had I known I probably wouldn’t have started work on a television pilot feeling lousy.

I had all the classic symptoms of a cold – lethargy, scratchy throat, congestion and a cough.

Had I been a full-time salaried employee I would have called out sick until I felt better. However, as a craft services solopreneur, I didn’t have that luxury. I was committed to providing the service so I had to muster the energy to make it through a 12-hour workday.

production assistant saw me suffering and suggested I go to a nearby juice bar to buy a ginger shot which consisted of ginger, lemon, and cayenne pepper.

Benefits of ginger and cayenne pepper

She said the health benefits of ginger, along with the other two active ingredients in the shot would help stop the progression of the cold and speed up the recovery process.

The combination didn’t sound appetizing but I was so miserable, I was willing to try anything that could help boost my immune system. So off to the juice bar I went.

The clerk suggested I buy two ginger shots for a bigger boost since I was already in the thralls of a cold. He also told me to drink one shot and wait 10 minutes before drinking the second shot for optimal effect.

When I returned to set, I drank the shots as directed. Now I’m not going to kid you, the shots have a serious kick! However, the “kick” doesn’t last too long.

The Wonderful Health Benefits Of Ginger+

I wasn’t miraculously cured by the end of the workday but I can say I did feel more energetic and less congested. By the next day I definitely felt much better!

Since then, I buy a ginger shots regularly and haven’t had the slightest hint of a cold which is great. But here’s the downside… a ginger shot can cost between $2 and $3 which really adds up.

I needed to find a less costly way to get my ginger shots. Of course I could make my own because recipes abound on the Internet but I just don’t have the time. It’s much more convenient to buy them pre-made. That’s where JIN+JA come in.

What is JIN+JA?

JIN+JA is an energy and immune boosting beverage founded by Reuben Canada, a patent attorney turned entrepreneur. Canada took the traditional ginger shot recipe of ginger, lemon, and cayenne pepper one step further by adding green tea and mint to the mix.

Benefits of ginger in Jin+ja

Each of these ingredients are widely known for their immune support. JIN+JA is a blend of fresh ginger, cayenne pepper, green tea, lemon, and mint. For example, one of the health benefits of ginger is that it settles the stomach from nausea, cayenne pepper boosts metabolism, green tea provides cancer fighting antioxidants, lemon has vitamin C which brings relief from cold and fever, and mint can clear up congestion of the nose, throat, and lungs.

Together, the health benefits of ginger, lemon, cayenne pepper, mint, and green tea make for one powerful cold and flu buster!

Benefits of ginger and mint

With the 2017-2018 flu season quickly approaching, you can’t afford to be without the benefits of ginger and the other four ingredients found in a bottle of JIN+JA. I know I can’t.

If you’re a craft services provider just think of what a considerate treat this would be for your hardworking cast and crew.

JIN+JA also makes a great add-on item for food truck owners too, especially those who sell healthy fare. 

Actually, JIN+JA is great for ANYONE interested in taking preemptive steps against the flu or cold! Please feel free to share this post with your family, friends, and social media groups so they too may reap the benefits of ginger and the other immune boosting ingredients in JIN+JA.

Benefits of ginger and tea

How To Get Your JIN+JA And Immediately Reap The Benefits Of Ginger+

Canada’s company offers three basic plans for you to choose from:

1) 1 bottle monthly subscription plan

2) 3 bottle monthly subscription plan

3) or a 6 bottle monthly subscription

In addition to the above plans, Canada offers a 3 or 6 bottle “one-time purchase.”

Lastly, a 25-ounce bottle of JIN+JA yields 25 shots for as low as 87-cents per shot. That’s considerably lower than buying shots from your local juice bar!

To learn more about JIN+JA and to place your order, click here.





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