The Number One Craft Service Table Tip

Bread loaves

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Organization is the the number one craft service tip for making your craft service table stand out. Snacks, condiments, and small appliances placed haphazardly on the table like the loaves of bread above is uninviting and confusing.

If your busy cast and crew have to search the craft service table for all the components to make a cup of coffee they’re not going to be happy campers. Don’t place the coffee cups in one place, the lids in another, and the sweeteners somewhere in the middle.

Group Like Items

Group like items together on your craft service table. For example, place all the components needed to make a cup of coffee next to the coffee brewer. When possible locate the entire setup near the end of the table so that people making a cup of coffee are not in the way of people grazing the snacks.

Next to your coffee setup, place your other small appliances like toaster oven, blender, crock pot etc. This way, the electric department won’t have to run numerous extension cords (stingers) around your craft service table.

After your coffee and mini appliances are setup, group like foods together. For example, place all your breads and pastry together, then group your fruit and vegetables, followed by nuts, candy, mints etc. Do the same for chips, dips and cheeses.

Placing small appliances and snacks into groups not only looks inviting but cuts downs on the number of times you’ll be asked, “Where’s the…?” or “Do you have….?” 

Don’t forget to group your cutlery, plates, and napkins too.

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Place Tall Behind Smaller Items

Another way to make your craft service table stand out is to place tall items like cereal dispensers, pretzel jars, and candy container in the back of the table. Put trays, platters, and bowls in front for easy access.


Lastly, an outstanding craft service table is a clean table. Cast and crew members are notoriously in a rush when they come to the craft service table so there are lots of spills and dropped food.

Once they leave, clean up. No one wants to eat food from an unkempt craft service table. Also, pick up food that has fallen on the ground so you don’t get uninvited guests like ants!

To summarize, make your craft service table outstanding by keeping the table free of spills and food debris and by grouping like foods and small appliances.

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